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Home Delivery - Questions and Answers

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How does Home Delivery work? It's Easy!

We make Home Delivery easy for you. After your first delivery we automatically stop at your door on the same day at about the same time each week or every other week. When you set up your account we ask for your standing order - what you probably will want each delivery. You can change your delivery by calling us, e-mailing, or leaving a completed milk card or note for your driver.

With home delivery you never again will run out of many daily staples. We deliver milk, dairy products, eggs, cheese, butter, ice cream, juices and drinks, pizza, bottled water and even softener salt and ice melt!

There is no minimum delivery, and we do not charge a bottle deposit on glass bottles. Remember bottles are expensive though. If you start to get to far behind you'll be billed $2.50 per bottle for the missing ones. Be sure to turn them in to your driver!

Frequently Asked Questions

What about MariGold Dairies?

MariGold is a division of ECO, Incorporated. Family owned, ECO has been associated with the dairy industry for over 30 years. Our corporate headquarters are in Elkhorn, WI. Our president helped with home delivery before he could drive!

Why Does Our Milk Taste So Good?

Because it is fresher, is produced by the best dairy herdsman in Wisconsin, and has not had an opportunity to be mishandled, oxidize or be exposed to Ultraviolet light. Often the milk you receive is delivered within 24 hours of production. All of our milk is producer certified to be free of any artificial hormones or additives including rBGH.

About Glass Bottle Milk

Our milk in glass bottles has a wonderful sweet taste due to the glass. Glass bottles are sterilized prior to filling, leaving no residual flavors or odors. Glass bottles also are very environmentally responsible due to their ability to be recycled and re-used at a substantially lower energy usage than other packaging methods. All of our milk is from Wisconsin dairy farms. We do not add powdered milk or condensed to raise solids. Our farmers are pledged to not use artificial rBGH/rBST on their herds. We simply provide pure, fresh milk.

 Where is the Milk Bottled?

All of our glass bottle milk is produced by Lamers Dairy in Appleton, WI. Established in 1913, this family owned plant is the only bottler of glass in the state! In 1999 Lamers built a brand new dairy in the Heart of the Fox Valley.

Our Golden-Guernsey products come from Waukesha, WI. This plant is owned by Foremost Farms, a Wisconsin farmer-owned cooperative. Both plants are state of the art and meet exacting criteria for cleanliness, efficiency, and quality control.

About Organic Milk - Humane Animal Treatment

Our milk is NOT organic, but it is very close to being organic. Our farmers get paid extra to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. We measure somatic cell count (SCC) and pay a substantial premium to achieve low counts. The higher the SCC the more off flavor the milk is. Typically Organic Milk has very high somatic cell counts. This is one reason our milk tastes so much better than organic milk.

Another issue regarding organic milk taste difference is the recent changes as to what can be called organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. If our cows become sick they are treated with antibiotics and are removed from milk for production until they feel better. They are allowed to relax and get healthy like a person that is sick. Their milk is disposed of until testing shows there is absolutely no trace of antibiotic. She is then put back to work making healthy fresh milk. Every tanker load of milk we receive is also tested for antibiotics. If any antibiotic is detected the complete tanker is rejected and the responsible farmer is responsible for the entire truckload of milk plus costs of disposal.

Organic animals are not allowed this luxury. The animal is typically milked until the somatic count exceeds the maximum limit as set by law no matter how sick she feels. The cow then must by law be removed from milking. It may take up to several months or even years for the cow to get better since it cannot receive antibiotics. This is costly to the farmer. Most of the time the cow is slaughtered. We believe our treatment of animals is more humane.

 How much does home delivery cost?

The cost of delivery is based on the products you order plus a nominal delivery charge of $2.50 regardless of how much you get delivered.

How Do I Change What the Milkman leaves?

When you start service we ask for a standing order - what you think you'd like every week. You may change your order prior to delivery by calling or e-mail up to noon the day before delivery. You may also leave a note for your driver or fill out your milk card. The driver can then fill or change your order with extra product they carry on your milk truck. If you need NO delivery please let us know ahead of time or we will bill you for the stop charge.

What Time does the Milk get Delivered?

Our driver's start early in the morning. We have morning routes and afternoon routes. When you start your route will be set up and you'll be notified of about what time to expect your driver. Once you are established your driver generally will be within 15 minutes of the same time each delivery.

Where does the driver leave the milk?

Your milk person is a very special individual. They keep notes to make sure you're happy with your service! Your milk can be delivered to the front door, side door, milk chute, or even in a refrigerator of your choosing. We really endorse a milk box or large cooler for your product to be delivered to. A milk box provides protection for your products from the sun and temperature. These elements cause a deterioration in vitamin content and flavor. We can provide a milk box for a nominal fee, or a large picnic type cooler also works very well. We will happily deliver to you without a milk box or cooler, but we cannot guarantee product goodness. Milk placed in a milk box generally will be protected for up to 8 hours! If it's very hot or cold, or you have ice cream or frozen food the driver will ring your doorbell when they deliver.

How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. For your convenience we offer the following payment options:

Pay by Check - Simply send us your payment along with your invoice stub.

Pay your Driver - Leave your payment in an envelope and your driver will see it gets credited.

Charge your Visa, Mastercard or American Express - Contact our customer service department at 262-723-5070. A Customer Service Representative will arrange for your payment to be automatically charged to your credit card.

Your invoice will reflect the prices for your products that you received, plus any delivery charges.

More Questions - How Do I get Started?

Give our office a call! We'll be happy to answer your concerns or set up your account for you. We'll need you billing information, standing order, and preferably a major credit card to secure your account. Our route people will call you back with a delivery day, and that's it. Easy!

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